“Crescent Love” (Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na) is a charming anime that weaves a tale of interplanetary romance and political intrigue. Originating from a visual novel by August, the anime explores the relationship between Earth and the lunar kingdom of Sphere. This series blends elements of traditional romance with a sci-fi setting, creating a unique narrative that captivates audiences with its heartfelt storylines and picturesque animation.

The story centers around Tatsuya Asagiri, a young man from Earth, and Feena Fam Earthlight, the princess of the Moon who comes to Earth on a diplomatic mission. As Feena tries to better understand Earth’s culture for the sake of strengthening ties between her moon kingdom and Earth, she and Tatsuya grow closer, navigating the complexities of their positions and the feelings they develop for each other.

At Eastana, we celebrate the delicate balance of romance and diplomacy depicted in “Crescent Love” with a special collection of anime body pillows featuring the series’ beloved characters. These pillows not only bring the magic and allure of the anime into your home but also serve as a cozy reminder of the power of love and understanding across boundaries.

Feena Fam Earthlight

Crescent Love: Romance and Diplomacy Among the Stars-Crescent Love Body Pillow

English: Feena Fam Earthlight
Japanese: フィーナ・ファム・アーシュライト
Chinese: 菲娜·范姆·亚斯莱特

Princess Feena Fam Earthlight is a dignified and kind-hearted lunar royal who takes her diplomatic role seriously. Her mission on Earth challenges her preconceptions and teaches her the importance of personal connections in diplomacy. Feena’s elegant and regal appearance, combined with her strong will and gentle nature, make her body pillow a favorite for fans who admire her growth and leadership.

Tatsuya Asagiri

English: Tatsuya Asagiri
Japanese: 朝霧 達也
Chinese: 朝雾达也

Tatsuya Asagiri, the earnest and caring young man, finds himself at the heart of an interstellar romance. His deepening relationship with Feena not only changes his own life but also has the potential to alter the future of Earth and Sphere. Tatsuya’s body pillow captures his thoughtful and supportive nature, appealing to those who value characters with deep emotional connections and personal integrity.

Natsuki Takamizawa

English: Natsuki Takamizawa
Japanese: 高見沢 なつき
Chinese: 高见泽夏树

Natsuki Takamizawa, Tatsuya’s energetic and supportive friend, adds a touch of humor and light-heartedness to the series. Her spirited nature and loyalty make her a beloved character. Natsuki’s body pillow is vibrant and colorful, reflecting her lively personality and serving as a cheerful addition to any fan’s collection.

Mia Clementis

English: Mia Clementis
Japanese: ミア・クレメンティス
Chinese: 米亚·克莱门提斯

Mia Clementis, a maid in the Earthlight household and one of Feena’s closest confidants, is both wise and nurturing. Her insight into the feelings of others and her dedication to Feena’s well-being play a crucial role in the story. Mia’s body pillow showcases her elegance and maternal warmth, making it ideal for those who appreciate characters who provide emotional support.

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Crescent Love