“Honkai Star Rail” is the latest installment in the Honkai series by miHoYo, building on the success of its predecessors with a new space opera setting and a rich, turn-based combat system. Launched as a strategic RPG, this game invites players to explore the vast expanses of the galaxy aboard the Astral Express, encountering diverse civilizations, unraveling cosmic mysteries, and battling the insidious force known as the Honkai. With its compelling narrative, stunning visuals, and engaging gameplay, Honkai Star Rail has quickly become a favorite among fans of the genre.

The game introduces a cast of characters each with their own unique abilities and backstories, deeply integrated into the lore of the Honkai universe. Players form squads of these characters to navigate through various quests, uncovering the secrets of the galaxy and the true nature of the Honkai. Below, we spotlight some of the standout characters who are not only central to the game’s story but also have captured the hearts of players, making them ideal for themed merchandise like body pillows.

Featured Characters

Dive into the Cosmic Journey of Honkai Star Rail-Honkai Star Rail Body Pillow

Trailblazer (Player Character)

  • English: Trailblazer
  • Japanese: トレイルブレイザー
  • Chinese: 开拓者

The Trailblazer is the player’s avatar, a character with a mysterious past and the unique ability to harness the power of the Stellaron. As the protagonist of the story, the Trailblazer is pivotal in the fight against the Honkai, providing leadership and strategy in the quest to safeguard the universe.

Dan Heng

  • English: Dan Heng
  • Japanese: ダン・ヘン
  • Chinese: 但亨

Dan Heng, a calm and collected swordsman, wields a blade with precision and grace. With a past shrouded in mystery, he serves as a reliable and steadfast protector aboard the Astral Express. His mastery of swordsmanship and deep philosophical outlook make him a crucial ally in battles and a thoughtful voice in the narrative.


Dive into the Cosmic Journey of Honkai Star Rail-Honkai Star Rail Body Pillow

  • English: Clara
  • Japanese: クララ
  • Chinese: 克拉拉

Clara, a young prodigy and mechanic, brings a touch of innocence and brilliance to the team. Her exceptional skills in engineering and hacking make her indispensable for navigating through the technologically advanced challenges encountered in space. Clara’s upbeat personality and innovative gadgets provide much-needed light-hearted moments amidst the game’s intense scenarios.


  • English: Baiyuekui
  • Japanese: 白月葵
  • Chinese: 白月葵

Baiyuekui, a mysterious and powerful warrior, commands the power of the moons. Her abilities are rooted in ancient lore, and her presence adds a mystical element to the team. Known for her stoic demeanor and immense power, Baiyuekui plays a critical role in the group’s encounters with the Honkai.

March 7th

  • English: March 7th
  • Japanese: 三月七日
  • Chinese: 三月七日

March 7th, a quirky and enigmatic character, adds a unique flavor to the game with her unconventional tactics and mysterious origins. Her unpredictable nature and powerful psychic abilities make her a wildcard in battles, often turning the tide at critical moments.

“Honkai Star Rail” not only expands the Honkai universe into the realms of space but also offers a fresh perspective on the ongoing battle against chaos and destruction. The game’s focus on character development, strategic gameplay, and immersive storytelling provides a deep and engaging experience for players. Each character’s rich backstory and personal journey make them compelling figures for fans, who often seek to bring a piece of their favorite game into the real world through collectibles like body pillows.

As players continue to explore the cosmic realms of Honkai Star Rail, the connection with these characters deepens, making them not just virtual companions but essential elements of the expansive Honkai narrative. This bond is beautifully captured in themed merchandise, allowing fans to keep their favorite characters close in their daily lives.

Honkai Star Rail