Enter the eccentric and comedic universe of Maria Holic (Japanese: まりあ†ほりっく, Chinese: 玛利亚狂热), a series that combines elements of slapstick comedy, cross-dressing, and romantic antics. Adapted from the manga by Minari Endo, the anime follows the misadventures of Kanako Miyamae, a high school girl who enrolls in an all-girls Catholic school in search of her ideal yuri partner, inspired by her parents’ own romantic story.

However, her romantic quests are constantly thwarted by her allergic reaction to men, and the situation complicates further when she discovers that the most popular girl in school, Maria Shidou, whom she initially falls for, is actually a cross-dressing boy. The series delights in the absurdity and misunderstandings that ensue from this secret, as Kanako navigates school life filled with eccentric characters and bizarre situations.

Maria Holic is celebrated for its unique blend of humor, intricate plots, and a vibrant cast of characters. The series satirizes common tropes in anime while exploring themes of love, identity, and deception in a highly stylized and humorous way.

Featured Characters

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Kanako Miyamae

English: Kanako Miyamae, Japanese: 宮前かなこ, Chinese: 宫前加奈子

Kanako Miyamae is the protagonist of Maria Holic, a high school student searching for true love at an all-girls school. Her quest is complicated by her severe allergic reaction to men, which results in nosebleeds whenever she comes into close contact with them. Kanako’s comedic mishaps and her inner monologues provide much of the series’ humor and charm.

Maria Shidou

English: Maria Shidou, Japanese: 紫藤マリア, Chinese: 紫藤玛利亚

Maria Shidou is a charismatic and seemingly perfect student who Kanako initially adores, only to discover his secret as a cross-dressing boy. Maria’s cunning and sometimes manipulative behavior contrast sharply with his angelic appearance, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to the storyline.

Matsurika Shinouji

English: Matsurika Shinouji, Japanese: 東条松莉香, Chinese: 东条松莉香

Matsurika Shinouji, Maria’s sharp-tongued maid, often steals the scene with her deadpan humor and blunt observations. Her interactions with Kanako and Maria provide a comedic balance, showcasing her as a fan-favorite character for her wit and no-nonsense attitude in the midst of the chaos around her.

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