Welcome to the enchanting world of In the Land of Leadale, known in Japanese as リアデイルの大地にて (Leadale no Daichi nite) and in Chinese as 在莱亚德尔大地上. This fantasy anime series, adapted from the light novel of the same name, captures the story of Cayna, a former gamer who wakes up in the world of her favorite virtual reality game, Leadale, two hundred years into the future. The series blends elements of adventure, mystery, and heartwarming encounters as Cayna explores this new world, discovering its secrets and the new role she must play. With its rich world-building and captivating characters, In the Land of Leadale offers fans a unique escape into a realm where fantasy becomes reality. Our exclusive collection of anime body pillows features beautifully detailed designs of the series’ beloved characters, perfect for adding a touch of magic to any room.

Featured Characters

Embark on a Mystical Journey in the Land of Leadale-Infinite Stratos Body Pillow


  • English: Cayna
  • Japanese: ケイナ
  • Chinese: 凯娜

Cayna, the protagonist, brings a sense of curiosity and a kind heart to her adventures in Leadale. Originally bound to a hospital bed in her previous life, her new existence in Leadale offers her freedom and power she never imagined. A body pillow featuring Cayna is perfect for fans who admire her resilience and the gentle strength she displays as she makes her way through this mystical world.


  • English: Skargo
  • Japanese: スカーゴ
  • Chinese: 斯卡戈

Skargo, one of Cayna’s loyal guardians, is a formidable yet caring figure. Known for his prowess in battle and deep loyalty, he provides support and protection to Cayna as she navigates the complexities of Leadale. Skargo’s body pillow is ideal for those who appreciate a character that combines strength with a protective instinct.


Embark on a Mystical Journey in the Land of Leadale-Infinite Stratos Body Pillow

  • English: Kartatz
  • Japanese: カルタッツ
  • Chinese: 卡尔塔兹

Kartatz, another guardian of Cayna, is distinguished by his intelligence and strategic mind. His role as an advisor and tactician is crucial in helping Cayna understand the political and social landscape of Leadale. Kartatz’s body pillow appeals to fans who admire a character with wit and wisdom.


  • English: Lytt
  • Japanese: リット
  • Chinese: 丽特

Lytt, the cheerful and adventurous elf, brings light and joy to the series. Her interactions with Cayna provide comic relief and heartfelt moments that enrich the storyline. Lytt’s body pillow is perfect for those who enjoy a character full of life and enthusiasm for adventure.

Our In the Land of Leadale body pillow collection is crafted with the finest materials to ensure comfort and longevity. Each pillow features vivid, accurate portrayals of these captivating characters, making them not just comfortable additions to your home, but also a means to express your fandom. Whether you’re settling in for a night of anime or decorating your space, these body pillows from the world of Leadale offer a magical touch to any setting.

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