Dive into the vibrant and action-packed world of Elsword, a visually stunning and highly engaging online action RPG. Known in Japanese as エルソード (Eru Sōdo) and in Chinese as 艾尔之光 (Ài’ěr zhī Guāng), Elsword offers players an immersive experience with its unique combination of side-scrolling beat ’em up action and role-playing game depth.

Developed by KOG Studios, Elsword features a rich narrative that revolves around the quest for the powerful El Stone, a mystical artifact that can alter time and space. Players choose from a diverse roster of characters, each with their own unique abilities and backstories, to navigate through various dungeons and landscapes filled with formidable enemies and intricate puzzles.

As players progress, they can customize and upgrade their chosen heroes, enhancing their skills and abilities in a way that best suits their play style. With its engaging plot, dynamic character progression, and frequent updates, Elsword has cultivated a dedicated fanbase and remains a favorite among gamers looking for an action-packed RPG experience.

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Featured Characters

Embark on an Epic Adventure with Elsword at Eastana-Elsword Body Pillow

  • Elsword

    Elsword, known as エルソード (Eru Sōdo) in Japanese and 艾尔 (Ài’ěr) in Chinese, is the titular character and a brave young warrior with a fiery temper and a heart of gold. Wielding his mighty sword, Elsword is always ready to charge headfirst into battle to protect his allies and pursue justice.

  • Aisha

    Aisha, or アイシャ (Aisha) in Japanese and 艾莎 (Àishā) in Chinese, is a mage known for her sharp wit and powerful magical abilities. After losing her magical powers, Aisha embarks on a quest to reclaim them and becomes a formidable force in magic and combat.

  • Rena

    Embark on an Epic Adventure with Elsword at Eastana-Elsword Body Pillow

    Rena, called レナ (Rena) in Japanese and 蕾娜 (Lěinà) in Chinese, is an elfin archer with exceptional agility and the ability to summon the forces of nature. Her deep connection to the natural world drives her to protect it against any threats.

  • Raven

    Raven, known as レイヴン (Reivun) in Japanese and 雷文 (Léiwén) in Chinese, is a former mercenary with a mechanical arm that enhances his combat skills. Driven by a tumultuous past, Raven fights to seek redemption and forge a new path for himself.

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