“Anne Happy,” also known in Japan as “Unhappy Go Lucky!” is a captivating anime series that combines elements of comedy, slice of life, and school drama. The story revolves around a group of girls who are considered unlucky and are enrolled in Tennomifune Academy, a unique school dedicated to helping students overcome their misfortunes and find happiness in life. Through their whimsical and often comedic struggles, the series explores themes of friendship, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness against all odds.

At Tennomifune Academy, the main characters are placed in the Happiness Class, where they undertake various lessons and activities designed to teach them how to deal with their personal misfortunes and improve their luck. As they go through these trials, the girls bond over their shared experiences, forming deep and supportive friendships that help them face their challenges with a positive attitude.

Featured Characters

Anne Hanakoizumi

Anime Name: Anne Happy
Character Name: Anne Hanakoizumi
Japanese: 花小泉 杏
Chinese: 花小泉杏

Anne Hanakoizumi, often referred to simply as “Hanako,” is the embodiment of bad luck. Almost every aspect of her day-to-day life is affected by her misfortune, from tripping over nothing to accidentally finding herself in bizarre situations. Despite her unlucky nature, Hanako’s infectious optimism and boundless cheerfulness keep her spirits high and inspire her friends to embrace their own quirks.

Ruri Hibarigaoka

Anime Name: Anne Happy
Character Name: Ruri Hibarigaoka
Japanese: 雲雀丘 瑠璃
Chinese: 云雀丘琉璃

Ruri Hibarigaoka, known for her unrequited love for a construction sign, exemplifies emotional misfortune. Her love story is as unlucky as it is heartfelt, adding a layer of comedic tragedy to the group. Ruri’s sweet nature and romantic woes make her a relatable and endearing character who often finds solace and understanding among her friends.

Botan Kumegawa

Anime Name: Anne Happy
Character Name: Botan Kumegawa
Japanese: 久米川 牡丹
Chinese: 久米川牡丹

Botan Kumegawa suffers from extremely poor health and is prone to injury, making her the physically unluckiest of the group. Despite her frailty, Botan’s gentle and caring personality makes her a nurturing figure within the group, often looking after others despite her own physical challenges.

Hibiki Hagyu

Anime Name: Anne Happy
Character Name: Hibiki Hagyu
Japanese: 萩生 響
Chinese: 萩生响

Hibiki Hagyu has a terrible sense of direction, often getting lost even in familiar surroundings. Her misadventures in navigation bring a lot of humor to the series, as she frequently ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her friendship with Ren, who often helps guide her, highlights themes of dependence and acceptance.

“Anne Happy” is a series that finds humor and heart in the concept of misfortune. It shows that being unlucky doesn’t have to define one’s life and that with the right friends and attitude, any obstacle can be overcome. The anime is filled with hilarious mishaps and touching moments that together create a compelling narrative about embracing one’s flaws and finding joy in adversity.

As the girls of Tennomifune Academy learn more about themselves and each other, they discover that their so-called misfortunes can actually be sources of strength. This delightful series encourages viewers to look beyond the surface and find the silver linings in their own lives. Join Anne, Ruri, Botan, and Hibiki as they laugh, cry, and grow together, proving that happiness is possible, even for the unluckiest among us.