Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Battle Girl High School, an anime and mobile game that combines elements of action, sci-fi, and school life. Set in a future where humanity is under threat from mysterious creatures known as Irousu, the series centers around a group of girls endowed with magical powers. These girls, known as Battle Girls, are students at Shinjugamine Girls Academy where they train to fight the Irousu and protect the world.

The series showcases the lives of these brave girls both in and out of combat, highlighting their struggles, triumphs, and the bonds they forge along the way. With a diverse cast of characters, each with her own unique abilities and personality, Battle Girl High School offers a rich blend of intense battles, heartfelt moments, and spirited camaraderie. The anime is celebrated for its engaging plot, vibrant animation, and the empowering message it sends to its viewers.

Our collection of Battle Girl High School anime body pillows brings these courageous characters to your home. Designed with fans in mind, each pillow features detailed artwork that captures the essence of the characters, making them a perfect addition for anyone looking to celebrate their favorite heroines.

Featured Characters

Empower Your Dreams with Battle Girl High School-Battle Girl High School Body Pillow


English: Misaki
Japanese: 美咲
Chinese: 美咲


English: Renge
Japanese: 蓮華
Chinese: 莲华


Empower Your Dreams with Battle Girl High School-Battle Girl High School Body Pillow

English: Sadone
Japanese: サドネ
Chinese: 萨德音

Each pillow is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure they are as durable as they are comfortable. Whether you’re reliving your favorite episodes or simply need a cozy companion for your room, these pillows are perfect. Featuring Misaki’s leadership, Renge’s wisdom, and Sadone’s mysterious allure, they represent the spirit and resilience of the Battle Girls.

Join the Battle Girls in their quest to save the world with our beautifully designed body pillows. Not only do they bring a touch of action and adventure to any room, but they also provide comfort and inspiration from your favorite heroines. Shop now and let these powerful girls protect your dreams and decorate your space with a sense of heroism and style.

Battle Girl High School