Dive into the exhilarating world of Bakuon!!, an anime that captures the joy and adventure of motorcycling through the eyes of high school girls. The series follows Hane Sakura, a spirited and somewhat klutzy girl who, on her first day of high school, becomes captivated by a fellow student riding a motorcycle. This encounter sparks her desire to get her own license and join the school’s motorcycle club, leading to a series of fun and heartwarming escapades on the road.

Bakuon!! combines elements of comedy and slice-of-life to explore themes of friendship, freedom, and the challenges and excitement of learning new skills. As Hane and her friends delve deeper into the world of motorcycling, they discover not just the technical aspects of riding but also the deeper bond they share with each other through their shared passion. The series is celebrated for its lighthearted take on the motorcycling hobby, detailed depictions of various bike models, and the unique personalities of each club member.

Our collection of Bakuon!! anime body pillows brings these charismatic characters to life, crafted with care to capture their unique styles and the spirit of youth and adventure they embody. Whether you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or a fan of anime, these pillows are perfect for adding a touch of speed and spirit to your home decor.

Featured Characters

Experience the Thrill of the Ride with Bakuon!!-Bakuon Body Pillow

Hane Sakura

English: Hane Sakura
Japanese: 佐倉 羽音
Chinese: 佐仓羽音

Onsa Amano

English: Onsa Amano
Japanese: 天野 恩紗
Chinese: 天野恩纱

Rin Suzunoki

Experience the Thrill of the Ride with Bakuon!!-Bakuon Body Pillow

English: Rin Suzunoki
Japanese: 鈴乃木 凜
Chinese: 铃乃木凛

Raimu Kawasaki

English: Raimu Kawasaki
Japanese: 川崎 来夢
Chinese: 川崎来梦

Each character pillow is designed with the highest attention to detail, from Hane’s cheerful expression and Onsa’s rebellious look to Rin’s focused demeanor and the mysterious allure of Raimu Kawasaki, who never removes her helmet. These pillows not only celebrate the individuality of each character but also the passion for motorcycling that unites them.

Embrace the fun and freedom of the open road with our Bakuon!! body pillows. Perfect for decorating your space, these pillows offer comfort and style, serving as a daily reminder of the thrill of riding and the adventures that await. Shop now and let the Bakuon!! girls speed into your heart and home, bringing with them a sense of adventure and camaraderie.