Kiss Him, Not Me, known in Japanese as 私がモテてどうすんだ (Watashi ga Motete Dousunda) and in Chinese as 我太受欢迎了该怎么办, is a romantic comedy anime that has charmed audiences with its humorous take on love and relationships. Based on the manga by Junko, the series follows the life of Kae Serinuma, a fujoshi (a female fan of Yaoi, which is male-male romance manga), whose drastic physical transformation sparks unexpected attention from her schoolmates.

The story starts when Kae, initially a plump and unassuming high school student, suddenly loses a lot of weight after mourning the death of her favorite anime character. This transformation turns her into the school belle, attracting the affection of several boys who were previously just classmates. The anime cleverly uses this premise to explore themes of inner beauty, personal identity, and the complexities of teenage love, all while maintaining a light and comical tone that resonates with a diverse audience.

Kae Serinuma (芹沼 花依, 芹沼花依)

Explore Love and Friendship in Kiss Him, Not Me!-Kiznaiver Body Pillow

Kae Serinuma, the protagonist of Kiss Him, Not Me, is a lovable and relatable character whose passion for anime and manga transcends her everyday life. As she navigates the newfound attention from her classmates, Kae remains true to her fujoshi roots, often fantasizing about her suitors in romantic scenarios with each other rather than with herself. Her body pillow captures her cheerful and imaginative spirit, making it a delightful addition for fans who adore her quirky personality.

Yusuke Igarashi (五十嵐 祐輔, 五十岚佑助)

Yusuke Igarashi is one of Kae’s classmates who starts seeing her in a new light. Known for his friendly and caring nature, Yusuke is a stark contrast to the more intense personalities vying for Kae’s attention. His body pillow reflects his approachable and kind-hearted demeanor, appealing to fans who appreciate his genuine care and affection for Kae.

Nozomu Nanashima (七島 希, 七岛希)

Nozomu Nanashima, with his rebellious and somewhat aloof attitude, adds a touch of unpredictability to the group. Resembling an anime character Kae adores, Nozomu’s complex personality and evolving feelings for Kae make him a compelling character. His body pillow is perfect for those who are drawn to his cool exterior and the subtle warmth he shows as he grows closer to Kae.

Hayato Shinomiya (四ノ宮 隼人, 四宫隼人)

Explore Love and Friendship in Kiss Him, Not Me!-Kiznaiver Body Pillow

Hayato Shinomiya, the youngest of the group, is often underestimated due to his petite stature and youthful appearance. However, his fierce determination and sincere feelings towards Kae reveal a mature side that belies his looks. Hayato’s body pillow captures both his cute and earnest sides, making it a hit among fans who cheer for his underdog status in the race for Kae’s heart.

Asuma Mutsumi (六見 遊馬, 六见游马)

Asuma Mutsumi, the calm and thoughtful senior, is admired for his gentle and intellectual approach. His ability to see beyond Kae’s physical appearance and appreciate her for who she truly is endears him to both Kae and the audience. Asuma’s body pillow showcases his serene and wise nature, attracting fans who value depth and kindness in a character.

Kiss Him, Not Me is a delightful rom-com that tackles conventional beauty standards and the essence of genuine attraction with wit and humor. The anime invites viewers to question what true attractiveness is and encourages acceptance of others, regardless of their looks. Its engaging storyline, combined with a lovable cast of characters, ensures that Kiss Him, Not Me remains a favorite among those who enjoy a good laugh mixed with heartfelt moments.

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