Step into the heartwarming and insightful world of Interviews with Monster Girls, known in Japanese as 亜人(デミ)ちゃんは語りたい (Demi-chan wa Kataritai) and in Chinese as 亚人(亚种)酱要说话. This delightful anime series offers a fresh take on the daily lives and challenges faced by demi-humans, commonly known as “demis,” in a society that’s just beginning to accept them. The story revolves around Tetsuo Takahashi, a biology teacher with a deep fascination for demi-humans, who seeks to understand more about their lives through personal interviews. As Tetsuo builds relationships with his demi-student and colleagues, the series explores themes of acceptance, friendship, and the everyday trials of those who are slightly different from the norm. Our exclusive collection of anime body pillows features beautifully designed portrayals of the charming demi-girls, perfect for adding a touch of warmth and diversity to any fan’s collection.

Featured Characters

Explore the Endearing World of Interviews with Monster Girls-Inuyasha Body Pillow

Hikari Takanashi

  • English: Hikari Takanashi
  • Japanese: 小鳥遊 ひかり
  • Chinese: 小鸟游光

Hikari Takanashi, an energetic vampire, brings light and laughter to everyone around her. Despite the common misconceptions about vampires, Hikari’s cheerful and outgoing personality shines through, proving that she’s just like any other high school girl, albeit with a few unique needs like a small amount of blood in her diet. A body pillow featuring Hikari is perfect for fans who love her bubbly personality and relentless optimism.

Kyouko Machi

  • English: Kyouko Machi
  • Japanese: 町 京子
  • Chinese: 町京子

Kyouko Machi, a demure dullahan, has her head not attached to her body, a characteristic that adds an element of the extraordinary to her otherwise normal student life. Kyouko’s calm and thoughtful nature contrasts with Hikari’s exuberance, making her a grounding presence in the series. Machi’s body pillow is ideal for those who appreciate her quiet strength and the unique challenges she navigates with grace.

Yuki Kusakabe

  • English: Yuki Kusakabe
  • Japanese: 日下部 雪
  • Chinese: 日下部雪

Yuki Kusakabe, a shy and sensitive snow woman, struggles with her powers, especially when emotions run high. Yuki’s journey of self-acceptance and learning to control her abilities is a poignant part of the series, resonating deeply with anyone who has ever felt different. Yuki’s body pillow appeals to fans who empathize with her gentle spirit and the personal growth she experiences throughout the series.

Satou Sakie

  • English: Satou Sakie
  • Japanese: 佐藤 早紀絵
  • Chinese: 佐藤早纪绘

Satou Sakie, a succubus and fellow teacher, faces her own unique set of challenges, balancing her professional life with the involuntary effects of her powers on those around her. Sakie’s story highlights the complexities of living as a demi with an innate power that affects everyday social interactions. Her body pillow is perfect for those who admire her determination to live a normal life and her caring nature as an educator.

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