Dive into the fascinating universe of Cells at Work!, a unique anime and manga series that brings human biology to life by anthropomorphizing cells as dedicated workers in an incredibly complex factory — the human body. The series follows the daily adventures of a red blood cell, AE3803, who delivers oxygen and nutrients, and her friend, the white blood cell, U-1146, who fights against bacteria and viruses that invade the body.

Cells at Work! combines humor with scientifically accurate facts, creating an educational and entertaining narrative that provides insight into the essential functions our cells perform every day. Each episode introduces different types of cells, from platelets to killer T cells, and showcases their specific roles through engaging storylines filled with action and comedy. This innovative approach not only highlights the wonders of the human body but also teaches important biological concepts in an accessible and enjoyable manner.

Our collection of Cells at Work! anime body pillows features fan-favorite characters depicted with vibrant artwork and dynamic poses that reflect their personalities and functions within the body. These pillows are perfect for fans who appreciate the clever educational content, as well as those who enjoy the creative and lively spirit of the series.

Featured Characters

Red Blood Cell AE3803

English: Red Blood Cell AE3803
Japanese: 赤血球 AE3803
Chinese: 红血球 AE3803

White Blood Cell U-1146

English: White Blood Cell U-1146
Japanese: 白血球 U-1146
Chinese: 白血球 U-1146


English: Platelet
Japanese: 血小板
Chinese: 血小板

Killer T Cell

English: Killer T Cell
Japanese: キラーT細胞
Chinese: 杀手T细胞

Each body pillow is designed to capture the essence and detailed characteristics of the characters, from the hardworking and often directionally challenged Red Blood Cell AE3803 to the stoic and diligent White Blood Cell U-1146, the adorable and industrious Platelets, and the tough and fierce Killer T Cell. These pillows not only serve as a comfortable addition to any fan’s collection but also as an educational tool, bringing the microscopic heroes of the human body to life.

Whether you’re a student of biology, a fan of unique anime concepts, or just someone looking for a novel and informative series, our Cells at Work! body pillows offer a fun and cozy way to engage with your favorite characters. Shop now and let these cellular heroes provide both comfort and a daily dose of biology right in your living room.

Cells At Work