Keijo!!!!!!!!, known as 競女!!!!!!!! in Japanese and 竞女!!!!!!!! in Chinese, is a dynamic and exciting sports anime that has captivated audiences with its unique concept and engaging characters. Originating from a popular manga series by Daichi Sorayomi, Keijo!!!!!!!! stands out in the sports genre by introducing a fictional competitive sport where female players, known as “Keijo players,” compete on floating platforms in water, using only their breasts and buttocks to push opponents off the platforms.

The anime adaptation, produced by Xebec, first aired in the fall of 2016 and quickly gained a dedicated fanbase thanks to its blend of humor, intense sporting action, and a cast of strong, charismatic female characters. The series explores themes of friendship, competition, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, making it a perfect blend of excitement and inspiration. Whether you’re a longtime fan of sports anime or looking for something uniquely entertaining, Keijo!!!!!!!! offers something for everyone.

At the heart of Keijo!!!!!!!! are the aspiring Keijo athletes, each bringing their own dreams, skills, and personalities to the sport. Fans of the series not only enjoy the strategic battles but also connect with the characters, making it a great choice for anime body pillow collections. Here, we feature some of the most beloved characters from the series, celebrated for their distinctive traits and memorable performances in the Keijo arena.

Nozomi Kaminashi (神無 ノゾミ, 神无 诺佐美)

Explore the Thrilling World of Keijo!!!!!!!!-Keijo Body Pillow

Nozomi Kaminashi, the protagonist of Keijo!!!!!!!!, is a spirited and determined athlete with big dreams of becoming the richest player in Keijo history. Her infectious enthusiasm and unwavering determination make her one of the most inspirational characters in the series. Nozomi is known for her signature move, the “Vacuum Butt Cannon,” which has turned the tides of many battles. Her ambition and charismatic leadership make her a favorite among fans and a top choice for anime body pillows.

Sayaka Miyata (宮田 さやか, 宫田 早也加)

Sayaka Miyata, a former judo competitor turned Keijo player, impresses with her speed and agility. Her transition from judo to Keijo highlights her competitive spirit and adaptability, making her a standout character. Sayaka’s friendship with Nozomi and her own personal journey in the sport add depth to her character, resonating well with fans. Her determination and cool demeanor are perfectly captured in her body pillow design, ideal for fans who admire strength and grace.

Kazane Aoba (青葉 かざね, 青叶 风)

Kazane Aoba is known for her shy personality and the unique ability to copy other players’ techniques through touch, earning her the nickname “Scanning Hand.” Her growth from a timid newcomer to a confident competitor is a highlight of the series. Kazane’s development and strategic prowess make her a beloved character and a great addition to any anime body pillow collection.

Non Toyoguchi (豊口 のん, 丰口 诺恩)

Explore the Thrilling World of Keijo!!!!!!!!-Keijo Body Pillow

Non Toyoguchi is the heartwarming comic relief of the series with her adorable clumsiness and unbeatable spirit. Her ability to bounce back from any fall, literally and metaphorically, endears her to fans. Non’s resilience and cheerful nature shine through in her character design, making her body pillow a must-have for those who love characters with a strong, positive outlook on life.

Keijo!!!!!!!! is not just an anime about an eccentric sport; it is a celebration of friendship, perseverance, and the sheer joy of competing. Whether you are watching breathtaking Keijo matches or cheering for your favorite characters, this anime ensures an unforgettable experience. And what better way to keep your favorite characters close than with a beautifully designed anime body pillow? Each pillow captures the essence of the characters, making them the perfect companion for fans.

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