Flying Witch (ふらいんぐうぃっち, Fēixíng Wūpó) is a Japanese manga series by Chihiro Ishizuka that has been charming readers since 2012. Adapted into an anime in 2016, the series is set in the picturesque landscapes of Aomori, Japan, and follows the life of a young witch, Makoto Kowata. As she moves in with her relatives in the tranquil countryside to complete her witch training, Makoto’s experiences blend the magical with the mundane in a soothing, slice-of-life narrative that captivates with its simplicity and heartwarming moments.

The series is renowned for its gentle pacing, beautifully detailed scenery, and the delightful interaction between characters as they explore the nuances of both magical and everyday rural life. Below, we highlight key characters from Flying Witch who are popular choices for themed body pillows, enhancing the appeal of these products to fans of the series.

Makoto Kowata

Flying Witch: A Serene Journey Through Everyday Magic-Flying Witch Body Pillow

In English: Makoto Kowata
In Japanese: 木幡 真琴
In Chinese: 木幡真琴

Makoto, the protagonist of Flying Witch, is a fifteen-year-old witch in training characterized by her warm smile and somewhat directionless demeanor. Her journey into witchcraft is filled with enchanting discoveries and small, delightful misadventures that endear her to both her magical and non-magical peers. Makoto’s character embodies the show’s theme of finding joy and wonder in everyday life, making her a beloved figure for fans.

Chinatsu Kuramoto

In English: Chinatsu Kuramoto
In Japanese: 倉本 千夏
In Chinese: 仓本千夏

Chinatsu is Makoto’s curious young cousin who quickly becomes fascinated with the world of witchcraft after learning about Makoto’s abilities. Her innocent perspective and eagerness to learn more about magic bring a refreshing and lively dynamic to the series. Chinatsu’s adventures with Makoto provide a charming exploration of childhood wonder and the magical possibilities that lie in the natural world.

Kei Kuramoto

In English: Kei Kuramoto
In Japanese: 倉本 圭
In Chinese: 仓本圭

Kei is Chinatsu’s older brother and Makoto’s cousin, who often takes part in the magical and non-magical activities around the house. A lover of farming and cooking, Kei’s grounded nature complements the magical elements of the series, as he often helps to bridge the gap between the mundane and the mystical. His calm and thoughtful personality provides a stabilizing force in the otherwise whimsical adventures.

Nao Ishiwatari

In English: Nao Ishiwatari
In Japanese: 石渡 奈緒
In Chinese: 石渡奈绪

Nao is Makoto’s classmate and friend, initially unaware of Makoto’s magical abilities. Once she discovers the truth, Nao’s reactions range from bemusement to intrigue, reflecting the audience’s own discovery of the magical world hidden within the ordinary. Her friendship with Makoto adds depth to the exploration of how magic can intersect with everyday life in peaceful, subtle ways.

Flying Witch captures the essence of magical realism by portraying magic as a natural part of the world that, while extraordinary, is also accessible and intimately tied to the characters’ daily lives. The series invites viewers to appreciate the beauty in the mundane and find magic in the simplicity of rural living.

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