“Girly Air Force” is an exhilarating blend of science fiction and military action, based on the light novel series by Kōji Natsumi. The anime adaptation, which premiered in 2019, introduces an innovative concept where aircraft are embodied by humanoid avatars known as “Daughters.” These characters, coupled with their human pilots, are tasked with defending Earth from mysterious flying entities known as the “Zai.”

The story follows Kei Narutani, a young man driven by a personal vendetta against the Zai, who have wreaked havoc on his life. His burning desire to fight back leads him to Gripen, an experimental Daughter with difficulties maintaining stability in combat. The narrative explores the evolution of their partnership as they strive to understand each other and refine their capabilities. “Girly Air Force” combines intense aerial battles, strategic military tactics, and the emotional depth of the characters’ interactions to create a captivating storyline.

As Kei and Gripen, along with other pilots and Daughters, engage in high-risk battles, they also navigate the complexities of human and AI relationships. This series delves into themes of identity, belonging, and the essence of humanity, all set against the backdrop of breathtaking dogfights and futuristic technology. This introduction aims to soar through the core of “Girly Air Force,” highlighting its unique blend of action and character-driven drama.

Featured Characters

Girly Air Force: High-Flying Action Meets Sci-Fi Drama-Gj Club Body Pillow


English: Gripen
Japanese: グリペン
Chinese: 格里芬

Kei Narutani

English: Kei Narutani
Japanese: 鳴谷 慧
Chinese: 鸣谷慧


Girly Air Force: High-Flying Action Meets Sci-Fi Drama-Gj Club Body Pillow

English: Eagle
Japanese: イーグル


English: Phantom
Japanese: ファントム
Chinese: 幻影

Series Overview

“Girly Air Force” effectively captures the essence of synergy between human emotions and artificial intelligence. Each episode builds on the challenges faced by the characters, both in personal growth and in combat, reflecting larger questions about technology’s role in society and warfare. The Daughters, with their advanced AI, highlight a future where humanity increasingly relies on, yet fundamentally struggles with, artificial constructs.

The series appeals to fans of both sci-fi and action genres, offering an intriguing look at futuristic warfare combined with deep personal stories. For collectors and enthusiasts, the characters of “Girly Air Force” present significant appeal for merchandise, such as body pillows and figures. These products allow fans to express their affinity for the series and its characters, enhancing their engagement with both the story and the thematic elements it explores.

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