“Gonna Be the Twin-Tail,” also known as “Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu,” is an anime series that blends the elements of fantasy, action, and comedy into a captivating story about hair, specifically twin-tails, and their unique appeal. Premiered in 2014, the series is based on the light novel by Yume Mizusawa and has gained popularity for its original and quirky take on the magical girl genre. The protagonist, Soji Mitsuka, is an ordinary high school student with an extraordinary obsession with twin-tail hairstyles. His life takes a surreal turn when he encounters Twoearle, a mysterious being from another world who grants him the power to transform into Tail Red, a twin-tail warrior, to defend Earth from monstrous creatures known as Elemelians who feed on the “attribute power” of twin-tails.

The narrative thrives on the parody of traditional magical girl tropes, mixed with over-the-top battles and a unique twist—fighting for the love of twin-tails. Each episode explores different aspects of otaku culture, humorously highlighting Soji’s passion for twin-tails while delivering exciting action sequences as he and his friends, who also transform into twin-tail warriors, battle to protect Earth. The show dives deep into themes of identity, passion, and the power of embracing one’s quirks, making it a standout in the realm of fantasy anime.

“Gonna Be the Twin-Tail” is cherished by fans for its vibrant character designs, dynamic animation, and a storyline that celebrates the eccentric. The series challenges conventional norms with a light-hearted yet poignant narrative, creating a delightful mix of comedy, action, and magical transformations that appeal to a wide array of viewers.

Featured Characters

Soji Mitsuka / Tail Red

English: Soji Mitsuka / Tail Red
Japanese: 三塚壮司 / テイルレッド
Chinese: 三塚壮司 / 尾红


English: Twoearle
Japanese: トゥアール
Chinese: 图尔

Aika Tsube / Tail Blue

English: Aika Tsube / Tail Blue
Japanese: 坛蓝 / テイルブルー
Chinese: 坛蓝 / 尾蓝

Erina Shindo / Tail Yellow

English: Erina Shindo / Tail Yellow
Japanese: 神堂依奈 / テイルイエロー
Chinese: 神堂依奈 / 尾黄

Series Overview

“Gonna Be the Twin-Tail” offers a unique perspective on the magical girl genre by focusing on the passion for a specific hairstyle and transforming it into a feature of strength and empowerment. The series not only provides humor and entertainment but also subtly addresses themes of self-acceptance and the importance of embracing one’s interests, no matter how niche they may be. The interplay between the characters, coupled with the high-stakes action and a dash of romance, enriches the narrative, making “Gonna Be the Twin-Tail” a memorable and engaging series.

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