Hacka Doll, originally a popular app turned anime, is known in Japanese as ハッカドール (Hakka Dōru) and in Chinese as 黑卡偶像. This series offers a unique blend of comedy and slice of life, delivering a meta-commentary on otaku culture through its vibrant and dynamic characters.

The story revolves around three “Hacka Dolls” — AI programs designed to “advance” their users by filtering through enormous amounts of information and presenting only what’s relevant to their interests and needs. Each episode follows these AI as they hilariously fail and occasionally succeed in helping various users, providing a comedic yet insightful look into the world of personalized media.

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Featured Characters

Hacka Doll: Personalized News at Your Fingertips-Hanayamata Body Pillow

Hacka Doll No.1

English Name: Hacka Doll No.1
Japanese Name: ハッカドール1号
Chinese Name: 黑卡偶像1号

Hacka Doll No.1 is the enthusiastic yet somewhat air-headed leader of the group. Designed to be an all-around idol, she tries her best to help her users but often gets distracted. Her cheerful personality and colorful design make her a favorite among fans of the series.

Hacka Doll No.2

English Name: Hacka Doll No.2
Japanese Name: ハッカドール2号
Chinese Name: 黑卡偶像2号

Hacka Doll No.2 is the intellectual and calm member of the trio, specializing in otaku culture. Her knowledge of anime, manga, and games is unparalleled, making her an indispensable guide to her users. Her calm demeanor contrasts amusingly with the more flamboyant personalities of her teammates.

Hacka Doll No.3

English Name: Hacka Doll No.3
Japanese Name: ハッカドール3号
Chinese Name: 黑卡偶像3号

Hacka Doll No.3 is the physically athletic and energetic member, designed to excel in sports and physical activities. Despite her athletic prowess, she often misinterprets the needs of her users, leading to comedic situations. Her dynamic energy and sporty attire appeal to a wide range of fans.

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