Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World, known in Japanese as 異世界迷宮でハーレムを and in Chinese as 在异世界迷宫中开后宫, is an anime that dives into the themes of fantasy and escapism. The story follows Michio Kaga, an unassuming young man who finds himself transported to a fantastical realm where dungeons and dangers abound. This new world operates like a game, complete with skills, stats, and even a menu screen that only Michio can access.

Upon arrival, Michio quickly learns that survival means more than just fighting monsters; it involves navigating complex social structures and relationships. As he explores dungeons, acquires treasures, and builds alliances, Michio also finds himself at the center of a growing harem of companions, each with their own unique backgrounds and stories. This series blends action, adventure, and romantic elements, creating a vivid narrative that explores the consequences of power and choice in a new world.

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Featured Characters

Michio Kaga

English Name: Michio Kaga
Japanese Name: 加賀 道夫
Chinese Name: 加贺道夫

Michio Kaga is the protagonist of the series, whose ordinary life takes a dramatic turn when he is whisked away to a magical world. With his unique ability to manipulate the game-like mechanics of his new environment, Michio becomes a powerful figure. His journey is not just one of adventure but also of personal growth as he learns to lead and protect his companions.


English Name: Roxanne
Japanese Name: ロクサーヌ
Chinese Name: 洛克珊

Roxanne is one of the first to join Michio’s harem. She is a demi-human with incredible combat skills and a deep loyalty to Michio. As his steadfast partner, Roxanne plays a crucial role in navigating the labyrinths and battling the myriad challenges they face together. Her character explores themes of loyalty and love within the fantastical and often perilous setting.


English Name: Seri
Japanese Name: セリ
Chinese Name: 瑟莉

Seri, another key member of Michio’s group, is a strategist whose intelligence proves invaluable. Her background as a noble from her world gives her a unique perspective on the political and social intricacies Michio encounters. Seri’s character development highlights the complexities of adapting to a new world while bringing skills and knowledge from her past life.

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