Helluva Boss is a popular animated web series created by Vivienne Medrano, also known as VivziePop. The show is set in the same universe as “Hazbin Hotel” and dives into the chaotic lives of I.M.P, the Immediate Murder Professionals, a group of demons running a murder-for-hire business in Hell. The series combines dark humor with a vivid, unique art style and engaging musical numbers, making it a standout in the realm of adult animation.

The story revolves around Blitzo (the ‘o’ is silent), the boss of the I.M.P, who, along with his motley crew of demonic misfits, takes on various assassination contracts from the living world. Each episode explores different aspects of the characters’ personal lives and relationships, blending emotional depth with slapstick and often grotesque comedy. “Helluva Boss” captures the absurdity and tragedy of its characters’ existences, making it both hilariously entertaining and occasionally poignant.

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Featured Characters

Helluva Boss: A Darkly Comedic Journey Through Hell-Higehiro Body Pillow


English Name: Blitzo
Japanese Name: ブリッツォ
Chinese Name: 布里佐

Blitzo, the eccentric and impulsive founder of I.M.P, is a character full of contradictions. Despite being a demon, he possesses a complex array of emotions and a vulnerable side that he often hides under his boisterous persona. His leadership drives the narrative and his unpredictable nature leads to both comedic and dramatic moments, making him a deeply beloved character among fans.


English Name: Moxxie
Japanese Name: モクシー
Chinese Name: 莫西

Moxxie serves as the more cautious and sensitive member of the I.M.P. His moral compass, in contrast to the rest of the team, often causes internal conflict, especially when it comes to the ethics of their assignments. Moxxie’s relationship with his wife Millie and his interactions with other characters add a layer of emotional depth and humor to the series.


English Name: Millie
Japanese Name: ミリー
Chinese Name: 米莉

Millie, Moxxie’s wife and fellow assassin, is bubbly and energetic, providing a stark contrast to Moxxie’s more reserved nature. Her combat skills and enthusiastic approach to her work make her a formidable demon. Millie’s loyalty and affection for Moxxie provide some of the series’ most heartfelt moments, highlighting the strong bonds that can form even in Hell.

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