Kantai Collection, popularly known as KanColle (艦隊これくしょん), and in Chinese as 舰队收藏, is a highly successful Japanese game and anime series that combines elements of strategy, card collection, and battling. The series is set in a world where humanity must battle against a mysterious fleet known as the “Abyssal Fleet” that has taken over the world’s seas. The twist? The game’s characters are moe anthropomorphisms of World War II naval ships, each represented as a beautiful girl possessing the spirit and weaponry of a ship.

The core appeal of Kantai Collection lies in its inventive concept and expansive roster of characters, each embodying unique traits, historical backstories, and ship attributes. Players and viewers alike are drawn to the strategic gameplay and engaging plot, where these ship girls go into battle to reclaim the seas, fostering a deep emotional connection with their fans.

The anime adaptation follows a similar storyline, focusing on these ship girls and their struggles against the Abyssal Fleet, providing a rich narrative filled with action, camaraderie, and military tactics. It is particularly noted for its attention to detail in animating the naval battles and the personal growth of its characters.

Eastana’s collection of KanColle anime body pillows brings fans closer to their favorite characters with high-quality, comfortable products that capture the essence of the beloved ship girls. Each pillow features detailed artwork and is designed to be a perfect companion for fans, enhancing their experience of the series. Below are some of the prominent characters from Kantai Collection featured on our exclusive body pillows:


Kantai Collection (KanColle)-Kantai Collection Body Pillow

English: Fubuki
Japanese: 吹雪
Chinese: 吹雪
Fubuki, the series’ main protagonist, is a destroyer with a strong sense of duty and a burning desire to succeed. Often seen as a symbol of optimism and perseverance, Fubuki’s journey from a naive rookie to a competent leader is a central theme in the KanColle series.


English: Akagi
Japanese: 赤城
Chinese: 赤城
Akagi, an aircraft carrier known for her composed demeanor and voracious appetite, plays a pivotal role as one of the fleet’s main carriers. Her tactical acumen and powerful air groups make her one of the most respected characters among the fleet.


English: Kaga
Japanese: 加賀
Chinese: 加贺
Kaga, another aircraft carrier, is characterized by her cool and stoic nature. Often paired with Akagi, her strategic thinking and combat skills contribute immensely to the fleet’s success in various battles against the Abyssals.


Kantai Collection (KanColle)-Kantai Collection Body Pillow

English: Shimakaze
Japanese: 島風
Chinese: 岛风
Shimakaze, one of the fastest destroyers in the fleet, is known for her incredible speed and quirky, energetic personality. Her design and traits have made her a fan favorite and a frequent subject in fan art and merchandise.

Kantai Collection not only entertains but also enriches its audience with historical references and a unique blend of action and strategy. The bond between the ship girls and their commander (the player or viewer) adds a personal touch to the tactical warfare, making each victory and loss deeply impactful. Whether you’re a strategy enthusiast or a fan of character-driven stories, KanColle offers a compelling experience that is both enjoyable and emotionally engaging. Don’t miss out on Eastana’s special line of KanColle anime body pillows to bring your favorite ship girls closer than ever!

Kantai Collection