Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice (恋とプロデューサー〜EVOL×LOVE〜, 恋与制作人) is a captivating visual novel and simulation game that has also been adapted into an anime. Developed by Papergames, this interactive game blends elements of romance, mystery, and supernatural powers to create a deeply engaging storyline that resonates with its audience. Players take on the role of a young media producer who, while trying to save her late father’s production company, discovers that her potential love interests have secret powers connected to a larger, undisclosed conspiracy.

The game’s appeal lies in its complex characters and intricate plot, which is enriched by high-quality voice acting and beautifully designed artwork. As players progress through the story, they make choices that not only influence their relationships with these characters but also impact the unfolding mystery surrounding their powers and the protagonist’s own hidden legacy.


Victor (ヴィクター, 维克托) is a successful businessman and CEO of a multinational company who plays a significant role in the protagonist’s life. Known for his stern demeanor and pragmatic approach to life, Victor often helps the protagonist with her company. His ability to manipulate time adds a thrilling dimension to his character and his interactions in the narrative.


Kiro (キロ, 奇洛) is a popular idol who charms everyone with his sunny disposition and golden-hearted personality. Behind his celebrity facade lies a genius hacker with the ability to control information, a skill that proves crucial to uncovering the truths that the protagonist seeks. Kiro’s storyline provides a light-hearted balance to the more intense moments in the game.


Gavin (ギャビン, 盖文) is a police officer with a strong sense of justice and the power to manipulate wind. His protective instincts and deep loyalty make him a steadfast ally in the protagonist’s endeavors. Gavin’s backstory and connection to the protagonist from their school days add depth to his character and their evolving relationship.


Lucien (ルシェン, 路西恩) is a brilliant scientist with a gentle demeanor, who hides a complex and mysterious nature. His power to see into the future is pivotal to the overarching narrative, weaving his fate closely with that of the protagonist. Lucien’s character explores themes of destiny, morality, and the dual nature of man, providing a captivating and intellectually stimulating route in the game.

“Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice” offers a rich multimedia experience that extends beyond the game into an animated series, further expanding its narrative and allowing fans to delve deeper into its captivating world. The anime adaptation follows the same storyline, giving viewers a visual feast of the relationships and supernatural elements that make the game so popular.

The game and anime together explore the challenges of navigating a career in the media industry, the complexities of love and friendship, and the weight of uncovering hidden truths. This blend of drama, romance, and mystery, combined with the interactive nature of the game, creates a uniquely immersive experience that has garnered a strong fanbase worldwide.

The popularity of “Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice” has led to a variety of merchandise, including Eastana anime body pillows. These pillows feature Victor, Kiro, Gavin, and Lucien, allowing fans to keep their favorite characters close and enhance their experience of the game’s world. Each character pillow captures the essence of the character’s personality and aesthetic, making them a beloved collectible for fans.

For those who enjoy a story that combines romance with a twist of supernatural intrigue, “Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice” offers an engaging adventure that is both emotionally fulfilling and intellectually stimulating. It invites players and viewers alike to explore the depths of human emotions and the complexities of relationships in a world where love and superpowers intertwine.