Dive into the captivating world of Brothers Conflict, an anime and light novel series that blends elements of romance and family drama in a unique reverse harem setting. The story revolves around Ema Hinata, a young girl who finds herself in a complex web of relationships when she moves in with her new stepbrothers. After her father remarries, Ema decides to live with the Asahina family to avoid disturbing her newlywed parents, only to discover that her new home is filled with thirteen brothers, each with distinct personalities and charm.

From the caring and mature eldest brother to the mischievous younger ones, Ema’s life becomes intertwined with each of their stories, sparking a series of heartfelt and occasionally complicated interactions. As the brothers vie for her attention and affection, Ema navigates her evolving feelings and the dynamics of her new family. Brothers Conflict explores themes of love, family, and self-discovery, making it a favorite among fans of the genre for its emotional depth and engaging character development.

Our collection of Brothers Conflict anime body pillows features the Asahina brothers, designed for fans who adore the series and wish to keep a piece of this romantic drama close. Each pillow showcases one of the brothers in detailed and vibrant artwork, perfect for adding a touch of drama and affection to any room.

Featured Characters

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Masaomi Asahina

English: Masaomi Asahina
Japanese: 朝日奈 雅臣
Chinese: 朝日奈雅臣

Ukyo Asahina

English: Ukyo Asahina
Japanese: 朝日奈 右京
Chinese: 朝日奈右京

Kaname Asahina

English: Kaname Asahina
Japanese: 朝日奈 要
Chinese: 朝日奈要

Tsubaki Asahina

English: Tsubaki Asahina
Japanese: 朝日奈 椿
Chinese: 朝日奈椿

Natsume Asahina

English: Natsume Asahina
Japanese: 朝日奈 棗
Chinese: 朝日奈枣

Each body pillow is meticulously crafted to capture the distinct visual aesthetics and personality traits of the characters, from Masaomi’s gentle leadership to Ukyo’s intellectual charm, Kaname’s flirtatious nature, Tsubaki’s energetic persona, and Natsume’s cool, tech-savvy approach. These pillows not only serve as a decorative piece but also provide comfort and companionship, bringing the charismatic presence of the Asahina brothers into your home.

Embrace the complex relationships and emotional rollercoaster of Brothers Conflict with our beautifully designed body pillows. Whether you are re-watching your favorite episodes or cuddling up with a book, these pillows are perfect for any fan looking to immerse themselves in the romantic world of Ema and her stepbrothers. Shop now and let the Asahina brothers sweep you off your feet and into the heart of their family’s love story.

Brothers Conflict