Experience the serene and inspiring world of Encouragement of Climb, known in Japanese as ヤマノススメ (Yama no Susume) and in Chinese as 登山的约定 (Dēngshān de Yuēdìng). This charming anime series captures the heartwarming adventures of a group of friends who discover the joys and challenges of mountain climbing.

The story revolves around Aoi Yukimura, a high school girl who once loved mountain climbing but became fearful after a childhood accident. Her childhood friend, Hinata Kuraue, who is passionate about the mountains, rekindles Aoi’s interest and together they embark on a journey that leads them through various landscapes and the beautiful, changing seasons of Japan. “Encouragement of Climb” is not just about scaling physical heights but also about personal growth, overcoming fears, and the deep bonds of friendship.

Each episode offers a slice of life feel and conveys a gentle message about perseverance and the rewards of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Through their climbs, Aoi, Hinata, and their friends learn about the wonders of nature, the thrills of reaching new summits, and the satisfaction of achieving goals through teamwork and determination.

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Featured Characters

  • Aoi Yukimura

    Aoi Yukimura, known as 雪村 あおい (Yukimura Aoi) in Japanese and 雪村葵 (Xuěcūn Kuí) in Chinese, is the thoughtful and reserved protagonist. Her journey from a cautious girl to a confident climber mirrors the emotional and physical growth that many viewers find relatable and inspiring.

  • Hinata Kuraue

    Hinata Kuraue, or 倉上 ひなた (Kuraue Hinata) in Japanese and 仓上向日葵 (Cāngshàng Xiànghuìkuí) in Chinese, is energetic and enthusiastic about mountaineering. Her infectious passion and supportive nature play a crucial role in motivating Aoi and others to explore the joys of climbing.

  • Kaede Saito

    Kaede Saito, called 斎藤 楓 (Saitō Kaede) in Japanese and 斋藤枫 (Zhāitóng Fēng) in Chinese, is a knowledgeable and experienced climber among the group. Her expertise and practical approach to climbing provide valuable insights and guidance to her less experienced friends.

  • Kokona Aoba

    Kokona Aoba, known as 青羽 ここな (Aoba Kokona) in Japanese and 青羽心叶 (Qīngyǔ Xīnyè) in Chinese, is a gentle soul who loves the natural world. Her appreciation for the small beauties of nature adds a layer of depth to the group’s adventures.

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Encouragement Of Climb