Rent A Girlfriend, also known as Kanojo, Okarishimasu, is a charming manga series that has captured the hearts of readers with its mix of romance, comedy, and drama. Created by Reiji Miyajima, Rent A Girlfriend follows the story of Kazuya Kinoshita, a college student who finds himself in a series of unexpected and often hilarious situations after renting a girlfriend through a mobile app.

The series kicks off when Kazuya’s girlfriend unexpectedly breaks up with him, leaving him heartbroken and desperate for companionship. In a moment of impulsiveness, he decides to rent a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara through an app called Diamond, hoping to ease his loneliness and impress his family. However, what starts as a simple transaction soon spirals into a whirlwind of emotions and complications.

What sets Rent A Girlfriend apart is its relatable characters and realistic portrayal of relationships in the modern age. As Kazuya navigates the complexities of his fake relationship with Chizuru, he grapples with his own insecurities and fears while also discovering the true meaning of love and companionship.

Featured Characters:

  • Kazuya Kinoshita

    Rent A Girlfriend - A Romantic Comedy Full of Twists and Turns-Rent A Girlfriend Body Pillow

    English: Kazuya Kinoshita
    Japanese: 木下 和也
    Chinese: 木下 和也

  • Chizuru Mizuhara

    English: Chizuru Mizuhara
    Japanese: 水原 千鶴
    Chinese: 水原 千鹤

  • Ruka Sarashina

    English: Ruka Sarashina
    Japanese: 更科 瑠夏
    Chinese: 更科 瑠夏

  • Sumi Sakurasawa

    Rent A Girlfriend - A Romantic Comedy Full of Twists and Turns-Rent A Girlfriend Body Pillow

    English: Sumi Sakurasawa
    Japanese: 桜沢 寿美
    Chinese: 樱沢 寿美

  • Mami Nanami

    English: Mami Nanami
    Japanese: 七海 麻美
    Chinese: 七海 麻美

Rent A Girlfriend is a must-read for fans of romantic comedies, offering a delightful mix of humor, heartache, and heartwarming moments. With its engaging storyline and well-developed characters, it’s no wonder that Rent A Girlfriend has become a beloved favorite among manga enthusiasts worldwide.

Rent A Girlfriend