Delve into the charming and spirited world of Dropout Idol Fruit Tart, known in Japanese as おちこぼれフルーツタルト (Ochikobore Furūtsu Taruto) and in Chinese as 落选偶像果馅饼 (Luòxuǎn Ǒuxiàng Guǒ Xiànbǐng). This delightful anime series, based on the manga by Sou Hamayumiba, offers a fresh take on the idol genre by following the journey of aspiring idols who live together in the Rat Production’s dormitory known as Nezumi House.

The story centers around Ino Sakura, who moves to Tokyo with dreams of becoming an idol but finds herself living with other “dropout” idols who have one last chance to turn their careers around. Together, they form the idol group “Fruit Tart” and embark on a journey filled with music, friendship, and a quest for fame in the competitive idol industry. With a mix of comedy, slice of life, and heartfelt moments, Dropout Idol Fruit Tart captures the highs and lows of striving for stardom while fostering bonds that feel like family.

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Featured Characters

  • Ino Sakura

    Ino Sakura, known as いの さくら (Ino Sakura) in Japanese and 伊野樱 (Yīnǒ Yīng) in Chinese, is the optimistic and cheerful protagonist. Her unwavering determination and sunny disposition make her a natural leader for the group.

  • Roko Sekino

    Roko Sekino, or せきの ろこ (Sekino Roko) in Japanese and 关野六子 (Guānyě Liùzǐ) in Chinese, is a former child actress in the group. Her experience in the entertainment industry and her caring nature help guide the younger members.

  • Hayu Nukui

    Hayu Nukui, called ぬくい はゆ (Nukui Hayu) in Japanese and 温井隼 (Wēnjǐng Jùn) in Chinese, is known for her skills in music composition. Her talent for creating catchy tunes is indispensable as Fruit Tart strives to rise in the idol ranks.

  • Nina Maehara

    Nina Maehara, known as まえはら にな (Maehara Nina) in Japanese and 前原仁那 (Qián Yuán Rén Nà) in Chinese, brings a quirky and artistic flair to the group. Her unique perspective adds depth to their performances and visual appeal.

  • Hemo Midori

    Hemo Midori, or みどり へも (Midori Hemo) in Japanese and 绿血 (Lǜ Xuě) in Chinese, is the mysterious and enigmatic member whose pastime includes observing human behavior. Her insights often provide unexpected advantages to the group’s dynamics and strategies.

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Dropout Idol Fruit Tart