Welcome to the enchanting and perilous universe of Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata), a visually stunning anime that blends dark fantasy elements with high school drama and romance. The series follows Akihito Kanbara, a seemingly normal high school student who is actually half-human and half-youmu, immortal creatures that can regenerate quickly. Akihito’s life takes a turn when he meets Mirai Kuriyama, a shy and isolated classmate who possesses the rare ability to manipulate blood, a power unique even among members of the spirit world.

Mirai is the last surviving member of her clan and has been isolated because of her dangerous abilities. Despite her fears, she forms a bond with Akihito, finding solace in their shared experiences of loneliness and being outcasts. Together, they face numerous youmu and uncover the dark secrets of their pasts, navigating through battles that test not only their powers but also their burgeoning feelings for each other.

Beyond the Boundary is celebrated for its breathtaking animation, deeply emotional storytelling, and complex characters who wrestle with themes of fear, bravery, and the struggle for acceptance. The series makes a significant impact with its intriguing blend of action and emotional depth, culminating in a narrative that resonates with a wide audience. Our collection of Beyond the Boundary anime body pillows brings to life the series’ captivating characters, designed for fans who want to immerse themselves deeper into this extraordinary world.

Featured Characters

Akihito Kanbara

English: Akihito Kanbara
Japanese: 神原 秋人
Chinese: 神原秋人

Mirai Kuriyama

English: Mirai Kuriyama
Japanese: 栗山 未来
Chinese: 栗山未来

Mitsuki Nase

English: Mitsuki Nase
Japanese: 名瀬 美月
Chinese: 名濑美月

Hiroomi Nase

English: Hiroomi Nase
Japanese: 名瀬 博臣
Chinese: 名濑博臣

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Beyond The Boundary