Enter the dark and thrilling universe of Black Bullet, an anime series set in a near-future Japan where humanity is on the brink of extinction. The story unfolds in the year 2021, a decade after a catastrophic outbreak of the Gastrea virus, which turns humans into monstrous creatures. The remaining survivors have retreated behind massive monolith walls made of Varanium—a material that can repel the Gastrea.

The series centers on Rentaro Satomi, a young Promoter working for the Tendo Civil Security Agency. Rentaro, together with his partner Enju Aihara, a powerful Cursed Child with the blood of the Gastrea in her veins, fights to protect Tokyo from the threat of these monstrous beings. Cursed Children are female children whose supernatural abilities to fight Gastrea are derived from the virus they carry. Together, Rentaro and Enju navigate through the complexities of fighting monsters, political intrigue, and their own personal dilemmas.

Black Bullet is celebrated for its intense action sequences, deep emotional narratives, and complex exploration of themes such as discrimination, the nature of human existence, and what it means to fight for survival. Our Black Bullet anime body pillows capture the essence of the series’ beloved characters, providing fans with a tangible connection to the anime’s dramatic and action-filled atmosphere.

Featured Characters

Survive and Fight in the Dystopian World of Black Bullet-Black Bullet Body Pillow

Rentaro Satomi

English: Rentaro Satomi
Japanese: 里見 蓮太郎
Chinese: 里见莲太郎

Enju Aihara

English: Enju Aihara
Japanese: 藍原 延珠
Chinese: 蓝原延珠

Kisara Tendo

Survive and Fight in the Dystopian World of Black Bullet-Black Bullet Body Pillow

English: Kisara Tendo
Japanese: 天童 木更
Chinese: 天童木更

Tina Sprout

English: Tina Sprout
Japanese: ティナ・スプラウト
Chinese: 蒂娜·斯普劳特

Each pillow is crafted with care to reflect the unique characteristics and visual appeal of the characters, from Rentaro’s resilience and determination to Enju’s vibrant energy, Kisara’s sharp intelligence, and Tina’s stealth prowess. These pillows not only serve as a decorative piece but also as a source of inspiration and comfort to fans who have followed their harrowing journeys.

Immerse yourself in the battle against the Gastrea with our Black Bullet body pillows. Perfect for decorating your space or for embracing during your anime marathon sessions, these pillows bring your favorite characters to life, providing comfort and motivation as you explore the deep narratives and complex relationships presented in the series. Shop now and keep the spirit of Black Bullet alive in your home.

Black Bullet