Step into the bizarre and comedic world of Love Tyrant (Japanese: 恋愛暴君, Chinese: 恋爱暴君), a unique blend of romance, comedy, and supernatural themes. The series, also known as “Renai Boukun,” is based on the manga created by Megane Mihoshi. It explores the chaotic interactions between a high school student and a mischievous cupid-like creature wielding a powerful Kiss Note—a notebook that can make anyone whose names are written together instantly fall in love, provided they kiss.

The story follows Seiji Aino, an ordinary high school student, whose life turns upside down when he encounters Guri, a cupid with a penchant for mischief. Unlike traditional cupids, Guri’s methods are unorthodox and often lead to unpredictable and hilarious situations. “Love Tyrant” cleverly parodies various tropes from the romantic comedy genre, while also delivering a fresh narrative filled with twists and turns.

With its engaging plot, the anime delves into themes of love, relationships, and the complexities of human emotions. Each episode introduces new challenges and dynamics among the characters, making “Love Tyrant” a continuously evolving series that keeps fans eager for more. The blend of humor, heartfelt moments, and supernatural antics has made it a favorite among viewers, and has spurred demand for related merchandise, such as anime body pillows featuring the vibrant cast.

Featured Characters

Unravel the Chaotic Romance of Love Tyrant-Love Tyrant Body Pillow

Seiji Aino

English: Seiji Aino, Japanese: 藍野 誠, Chinese: 蓝野诚

Seiji Aino is the unwitting protagonist who becomes entangled in Guri’s romantic experiments. His ordinary life becomes filled with chaos as he navigates the complications of being forced into relationships dictated by the Kiss Note. Seiji’s genuine personality and often comedic reactions to his bizarre situations make him a beloved character in the series.


English: Guri, Japanese: グリ, Chinese: 古莉

Guri is a cupid with a quirky twist. Her responsibility is to create couples to maintain balance in the world, but her approach is anything but standard. Armed with her Kiss Note, Guri’s playful and often clueless demeanor leads to comedic mishaps and misunderstandings, endearing her to fans and making her a popular choice for collectibles.

Akane Hiyama

English: Akane Hiyama, Japanese: 緋山 茜, Chinese: 绯山茜

Akane Hiyama starts as Seiji’s classmate who appears sweet and gentle but reveals a darker, yandere side when she becomes one of the Kiss Note’s victims. Her intense love for Seiji and over-the-top jealous antics provide a significant source of the anime’s humor and thrills.

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